A Big Thank You from Oakville NDP Candidate Jerome Adamo

My friends, I know this wasn’t the result we all wanted – but I’m so proud of the positive, hopeful campaign we ran. We have built a tremendous ground team of volunteers and, despite having faced the unknowns of a pandemic election, we rose above the challenges and bettered our vote from 2019.

I have congratulated Anita on her re-election and I have wished her much success in serving us once again. I salute the courage of everyone who ran in this race, even though we disagree.

The campaign is over, but the work of the Oakville NDP continues. We see now, more than ever, that Canadians need to have those fighters who are in it for them. Your work over this campaign has proven that our commitment to policies that help and don’t hurt, isn’t going to stop now or ever.

We’re going to continue to fight:

• So that everyone has a place to call home that is safe and affordable
• Cell phone gouging
• Big pharma companies and show them that “Canadian families are the boss” by finally delivering universal pharmacare
• The big oil and gas subsidies and finally put Canada on track to meet our Paris climate targets
• To make sure the super-wealthy pay their fair share

I want to thank:

My supporters – for the confidence, energy, and trust you’ve invested in me and in this campaign that pushed us to the finish line strong.

My volunteers – New Democrats don’t have the big money donors behind us like the other parties, so we rely on people like you… and we’ve shown the country what “people power” is capable of achieving.

My volunteer coordinator, Marie, has a well of unlimitedless energy and I am so glad you came onboard again. You were so important in 2019 and the campaign is not the same without you in 2021.

My communications team Sean, Matt, and Matt V. were solid with getting our external messaging out there. Always ready, steadfast in the face of online temptation, and always there when needed.

My sign waver, Amanda, and my retweeting Facebook liking supporter did not go unnoticed.

My campaign CFO, Thomas, has been a right hand person to me all along through this campaign (Don’t worry! Our mouths still speak “left”).

A special thank you to my campaign manager, Diana, for steering our riding once again through a very strange election season full of many uncharted paths and new ideas on ways to GOTV.

Lenaee Dupuis, I don’t know what to say… and I’m sure you’ll agree, our friendship leading to this amazing riding collaboration helped both of us even before day 1. Je t’adore mon ami pour toujours.

And of course lastly,

Thank you to my family. Tanya, Austin and Tyson for the sacrifices you have made in such a short time, giving up the summer and the camping and the fishing we all love. All you do to support me and the Oakville NDP does not go unnoticed.… NONE OF THIS would have been possible without you and your love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Friends I want to leave you with one last thing … a repeat of something I said in 2019….

My strength comes from a belief that a true community focused fighter, whether elected MP, MPP or otherwise, only experiences a change in the title of what they do, not the important work they’ve already been doing in their public service or advocacy.

Jerome 4 Oakville

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