Most of our funding comes from our party’s membership and working people throughout the country. Considering the huge sums of money the Liberals and Conservatives raise from their wealthy friends, it’s imperative that the Oakville NDP raises money on its own.

We use these funds to holds public events, maintain our website and online social media, fight for greater democracy and social justice, and most importantly, prepare for upcoming elections.

Once again, we will run a strong candidate in the federal election against the undemocratic policies of the Trudeau Liberals. This means paying for a campaign office, pamphlets, lawn signs and other vitally important campaign materials.

90% of every dollar you donate to the Ontario NDP goes to the Oakville Federal NDP Riding Association.

All Canadians with taxable income receive generous tax credits when they donate to the Oakville NDP. For example, a donation of $500 costs you just $150.

All donations received before December 31 are eligible for tax credits in the new year.

You get back:
75% for the first $400 you donate.
50% for the next $350 you donate.
33 1/3% of the rest
up to a total tax credit of $725.

You can give a maximum of $1,600 a year to the NDP.