Fair Vote Rally in Toronto Calls for Proportional Representation

By Oakville NDP Vice President Tina Agrell

Over 500 people attended a fair vote rally in Toronto, calling out Prime Minister Trudeau’s broken 2015 campaign promise of implementing real electoral reform.

The ramp outside of Toronto City Hall was closed (apparently due to ice, but that had melted) so we climbed the barrier and hung up my “Make Every Vote Count” sign. It looked pretty good for about 10 minutes, until the police saw it and took it down.

The croud started with chants and a recognition of the First Nations land we were occupying. The speakers included:

  • Alexandra Bravo of the Broadbent Institute
  • Bonnie North of the Green Party
  • Dave Meslin of Reddit and a long time PR advocate
  • Cheri Wong from Young Greens of Canada
  • Professor Denis Pilon of York Uuniversity
  • Kelly Carmichael of Fair Vote Canada
  • Spencer McGreal of the Ontario New Democratic Youth (ONDY)

You can still sign Nathan Cullen’s petition online. The fight goes on!




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