Maeve McNaughton Running Strong Campaign for Oakville NDP in 2022 Ontario Election

“I am deeply concerned about the kind of future we secure for my generation and the next. Today, all across Ontario, people are finding it harder to pay the bills, even if they have a good job. Many are seeing their dreams of starting a family, owning a home or running a small business slip further away each day,” said McNaughton. “It’s no accident that I stand ready to fight to secure a better future for our community in Queen’s Park alongside Andrea Horwath and her hardworking team. We need to fix what has been broken by Doug Ford and successive Liberal governments.”

Maeve was motivated to run in this election because of what is happening everyday to families in Ontario. A caring and driven Ontarian, Maeve wants to make a difference now before it is too late.

“Everyone in Ontario deserves access to affordable groceries to feed their families and keep them healthy,” said McNaughton. “I am proud of Andrea Horwath’s commitment to create a Provincial Food Strategy that puts healthy, locally sourced food onto Ontario tables, and helps young farm families and first-time farmers with mentorship, financial advice and loan guarantees. This is the kind of leadership we need in Ontario.”


• Maeve is the first in her family to attend a post-secondary school, so she understands firsthand the importance of access to education for all Ontario families.
• She is a student at Toronto Metropolitan University with hopes of pursuing a job in the legal field.
• Is passionate about fighting against wage inequality and food and housing insecurity.
• Maeve works in the funeral industry where she creates tributes to people from all walks of life who have passed on.


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