Reasons Not to Like Bill C-51

Under Bill C-51, ‪CSIS will have the power to:

1) Detain people without charges for up to 7 days;

2) Interfere with bank transactions and seize bank accounts if they are “suspected” of potential terror activity;

3) Order the seizure of “terrorist propaganda” or order it deleted from an online source;

4) Stop any passengers “suspected” of travelling overseas to commit a terror offence to be removed from a flight;

5) Seal court proceedings;

6) Make it illegal to “promote” or “counsel” terrorist activity – the definition of what this constitutes is, of course, left up to CSIS’ interpretation.

Using “disruption warrants,” Canada’s spies will do just about anything: “enter any place or open or obtain access to any thing,” to copy or obtain any document, “to install, maintain, or remove any thing,” and, most importantly, “to do any other thing that is reasonably necessary to take those measures.”

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